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Guitarist releases CD for Sept. 11 victims
By: Ted Hayes December 13, 2001
Ever since he began playing guitar as a child, Massasoit Avenue resident Ken Totushek has used music to express his faith in God, soothe his troubles and celebrate his joys. Now, a new album he just released may help ease the suffering of thousands directly affected by the tragic events of Sept. 11.
Mr. Totushek, who works days as the co-owner of a manufacturing company in Massachusetts, has written, produced, recorded and released "Pilgrim Song," a collection of 15 of his own instrumental guitar pieces. The album was four years in the making, done mostly in his own digital recording studio. Songs consist primarily of instrumental guitars, interwoven with bass, percussion, mandolin and even wildlife recordings.

Proceeds from the album's sale will benefit charities providing relief for families and victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

"With the attacks, and a seeming helpless feeling so many of us have experienced," the decision to donate the proceeds was a natural, Mr. Totushek said.

This is not his first foray into the recording studio. He released two other CDs in recent years. "For Love of Christmas" was recorded last November with former Barrington Baptist Church pastor David Madeira and his wife, Anna Lisa Madeira. He also recorded "For the rest of your life," with assorted friends, in 1994.

Copies of Mr. Totushek's new CD can be purchased at Barrington Books or online at

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