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Subject: My Baranik Parlour Adventurer Geetar News...
Posted by Ken Totushek on 2003-02-10 at 20:32:30

Folks, this lil' traveler I purchased from Luthier's Collection is awesome, I mean awesome. It goes with me to work, nursing homes, road trips, wherever. I had it the whole month I was in NZ and Australia--never a problem with the airline overhead compartments, always a pleasure to play, sounds awesome plugged in, and it went everywhere with me...I mean everywhere! Check out this 'Crazy American Bungy jumper'--according to the local radio news! Mike Baranik, this is an awesome little geetar!

What a rush--even beats a flawless performance of my most practiced piece in concert (rare experience for me mind you!). Anyway, here's a pic to whet your appetite, and then you can click on the link for the full video clip at The world's first bungy site, Queenstown, NZ, off of the Kawarau Bridge--43 Meters (about 150' to the river below). The folks in charge couldn't guarantee anything, but thought they could keep me out of the water...phew!!!

Bungy Guitar video clip

Ya gotta do this if you ever get a chance (with or w/o guitar in hand)!

Who ever said life had to be boring!


Ken T.
Graceworks Music

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