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My new David Eichelbaum GC koa/cedar...REVIEW

Posted by Ken Totushek on 2002-11-20 at 22:10:52

Hi folks,

Well, here it is, the Eichelbaum Grand Concert koa/cedar review I promised. After thinking a bunch about this, I figured the best thing to do is simply requote the email I sent David a week or so back. So, here it goes:

"...Thanks for the CD--got it a week or so ago. Even better yet, thanks for a beautiful guitar. I've had the Grand Concert koa/cedar from Robin at Guitar Gallery for a couple weeks now, and I am really enjoying it. To date, it is the easiest playing guitar I have ever owned, and I've had some nice ones. The generous nut width and string spacing really works well for me. It took a few days to properly acclimate after it wwas shipped, but now the action is perfect. Interestingly, upon receiving the guitar at my home in RI, I got a bit bummed because though I loved the workmanship, playability, and looks of the guitar, I thought it sounded too bright, airy and thin on the higher strings for my taste. Robin suggested I keep it another few days, install Elixir strings (my favorites--naturally less bright sounding than many others), and see how I felt after that. Well, the rest is history, and I am so pleased!"

"The guitar is definitely brighter than my Olson koa/spruce which I may be looking to replace due to its value, but it still has the mellowish resonating, koa, woody tone I love so much. Additionally it has all that controllably articulate high end to bring out the treble lines cutting through the bass rhythm as much or as little as I want. My only way of describing it right now is that it's a lovely sounding guitar, highly articulate, and incredibly responsive to the touch. Today I played at a nursing home in a fairly dead sounding, carpeted chapel room with about 25-30 residents. I played both solos (fingerstyle playing) and led singing (no amplification), and the guitar just allowed me to play it as hard or soft as needed. I was confident that even w/out amplification folks in the back were still hearing the notes (even the softer played ones). It really helped my focus not having to worry about whether or not the guitar was loud enough--I loved it (oh, and I think they did too based on their remarks afterwards)!!!"

"I never thought koa and cedar would be a good match based on my very positive previous experience with many koa/spruce guitars, but I am clearly ignorant of some of the great newer wood combinations you fine luthiers are coming up with today. Thanks again for this great addition to my collection. I'm sure it will see much use both in recording and performance."

That basically sums it up folks--the Eichelbaum koa/cedar is an extreme pleasure to play and and joy to listen to while those notes just resonate around in the soundbox. BTW, point of interest--of the 6 or 7 Tonewoods Quiz responders that selected a favorite track as part of the exersize, the Eichelbaum (guitar sample #1) was selected 5 of those times. Very interesting considering the other great guitars sampled as well. Our hats off to you David Eichelbaum, keep up the good work!

Ken T.
Graceworks Music

P.S. Oh, and here are some pics of this beauty...

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