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Ken Totushek

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PostPosted: 07/20/06, 7:10 pm   My New Osthoff 00-12C Custom Sunburst... Reply with quote
I've been dying to find the time to post something on my new Osthoff 00-12C Custom guitar. I ordered it 2 years back, just after Newport Guitar Fest #1, and my first Osthoff guitar--a Madagascar Rosewood OM model. John's schedule cleared about 16 mos. later which gave me plenty of time to think about exactly what it was I was looking to have John build me of the Martin 00 style. Well, here is Kevin Ansbury's Guitar Pix rendition based on John's and my specs:

The guitar is based on the vintage prewar Martin 00 guitar, though John's are just about 1/2" wider at the lower bout. And here is the "real McCoy!" John really outdid himself on this one--it is the prettiest guitar I now own!

I have several old martins, two 00-28s currently, though one will soon be for sale. Anyways, those old specs just seem to fit me perfectly, so this one of course has the 24.9" scale length, 12 frets to the body, and a 1 7/8" nut width.

The beauty speaks for itself. The tone, feel and playability are just outstanding, wherever I play on the fretboard. I have absolutely no misgivings about this project. The wait has been WELL worth it--I have been playing the guitar daily for over a week now. My 1903 Martin 0-28 has a neck thickness profile I have always loved, where it gets a bit thicker as it connects to the headstock. So, about 6 months back, I brought the 0-28 to John's shop in the Berkshires, we measured out the exact profile, and that's what I now have in this guitar...so cool!

Everything about this guitar was hand selected, and all appointments and dimensions are by design. Nothing gawdy here, but enough finess to make it stand out from many others aesthetically. I've owned very high end koa guitars, an Olson, a Ryan, a Sheppard, an Eichelbaum--all very fine specimens, but none fit me 100% right. Finally I have a koa guitar that is now perfect for me! The top is Adirondak spruce--a lovely tonal combo for fingerstyle IMO.

The sunburst was an after thought on my part, but John was willing to give it a try, worked on it with heart and soul, and did an outstanding job. All I had to do is to be patient. I am thrilled we went in that direction. And now, to play...ah sweet bliss...oh glory, how good it is! John has the action set very low on this guitar, and upon hearing me play it for the first time he was worried I wouldn't like it because I can at times bear down on the strings harder than he expected. However, I have lightened up a bit on my playing, and have thoroughly enjoyed the ease in which my fingers are able to fly around on the strings this way. The neck will likely settle in a bit more, but hopefully not too much, as I am quite liking it just the way it is.

Thanks so much John--you have really done an outstanding job on this guitar. I am not surprised, just incredibly pleased!

Thanks for looking everyone--be sure and look John up at Newport if you go. He's got somemore very fine specimens to show and sell.

Here are a couple audio track samples of this guitar:

                                     "Barney's Joy"       "Maui Sun"

Would love to hear what you think of the tone, and the tune for that matter! I

                                             More 00-12C pics here

Blessings to all,

Ken T.

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