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Sheppard Brazilian Rosewood Ave Maria Grand Auditorium Guitar--pics included!

Posted by Ken Totushek

I have been auditioning 2 of Gerald Sheppard's Ave Maria guitars now for almost a month. I had intended to write up a more indepth review of each, but find myself scurrying around preparing for a 1 month trip to Australia and NZ. No, I will not go without my family this time, or a guitar! I intend to bring my Baranik Parlor, and will report on how that goes with the airlines--haven't had a problem with that one yet.

Anyway, I thought I should at least post some pics of these beautiful and masterfully built guitars. Little did I know before the Fret project, Gerald makes real fine guitars. I fell in love with both of these. As a matter of fact, we have negotiated a deal, and I am so pleased to say that not only is he down 2 guitars but I am the thrilled new owner of them both. You'll hear them (well, primarily the koa/sitka) on the Fret CD when it comes out. And when I return and play them somemore I hope to do more extensive reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy the pics, and be sure and try out a Sheppard whenever you get a chance.

First the Master Grade, quarter sawn Old Growth Brazilian with Sitka Bearclaw like none I have ever seen. The neck width is 1 13/16th (love it!) at the nut. The guitar is adorned beautifully with many fine, subtle artistic works, yet not lavish and gawdy in any way--it's just perfect to me. And the tone...well, when I get a chance I will post an mp3. It's clear, balanced, crystalline highs and beautiful, rich lows--it's tone is astounding to me as is its playability. I had never intended on buying another Brazilian because of the much higher cost, but..., well...this one grabbed me from the moment I opened the case and plucked a string. Fingerpicking, finger-strumming, or blasting away with a pick, the guitar performs far beyond what I had expected.

I'll post the Koa guitars pics in a separate post:



Thanks for lookin',

Ken T.
Graceworks Music

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