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Sheppard Koa Ave Maria Grand Auditorium Guitar--pics included!

Posted by Ken Totushek

Here are the pics of this very rare, highly flamed Master Grade Koa with Englemann spruce top. Being an Ave Maria, it has similar appointments to the Brazilian I just posted so I won't show those again here. This guitar is the standard depth whereas the Braz was built just a bit deeper. I really like the tonal variation this provides in both guitars. This one is a bit less volumous (new word?) than the deeper Braz, but every bit as pretty sounding in its own way. For example, I can really bang on it for the percussive sound to come through without having to wake up the neighbors. In other words, it kinda sounds like you're playing it louder than you really are, which definitely has its applications in my book for recording and performance, as well as playing in the living room.  I can also play as lightly as I want, and still hear those delicate decays and beautiful harmonics come through.



This is the primary guitar in my Fret Project song, since I received it first. I'll be curious to hear what folks think.

I know I said it before, but I'm going to say it again--if you ever get a chance to play a Sheppard, jump at it (unless you're trying to save money for a trip to Hawaii or some such frivolous thing!).


Oh, I forgot to mention, both of these have electronics installed, and sound awesome plugged in as well--especially through my Baggs Para Acoustic DI box.

A incredibly stunning and unique slab of koa--best of all, it sounds completely alive--rich with bass and sparkle!

This Sheppard Ave Maria made the cover on the Acoustic Music Resource catalog!

Thanks for lookin',

Ken T.
Graceworks Music

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