Dec. 1st - 20th  Free CD Contest    [Product Image]

Greetings to my family, friends, email acquaintances, and other supporters of my music.

I hope this announcement finds you all well.  I am pleased to announce the release of a new CD called "Sweet Devotion." This has been several years in the making, and has been a true blessing to work on.  The ever-present focus of this 2 CD set is intended to be solely on the Creator and the precious work of Jesus. "Heart" (CD 1) contains 11 hymn arrangements and songs I have composed for solo fingerstyle, acoustic guitar. "Voice" (CD 2) contains 21 praise and worship songs--some well known in the Christian community and others not.  All contain whatever musical variation/arrangement the Spirit would lead me to do while singing and playing many of these in my devotions in the past few years, so hopefully they will provide listeners with a fresh feel of some well known and appreciated praise songs and hymns. There are some some songs of my own as well--32 songs total for more than 2 hours of acoustic music.

My hope and prayer is that these instrumentals and songs of devotion might help strengthen the listener's understanding of the "Potter's" never-ending, never failing love of the "clay pot" (Jeremiah 18:4-6)--as they have mine in recent years.


As my wife and I have done with my previous CD projects, we will forward all profits to charity.   Jen and I have decided profit of "Sweet Devotion" will go to the Providence Rescue Mission, Providence, RI.  We pray that God would bless this effort to help in some humble way with the this wonderful inner city ministry to the homeless and recovering people in RI.  We also pray that God would use the music of "Sweet Devotion" to bless and draw the listener in to a closer walk with Him.  We of course, appreciate your help in this effort, either by purchase for yourself and/or as gifts for encouragement and outreach to others. 

"Sweet Devotion" is now available for $15.00 at my website at  and of course from me personally.  I currently have some internet specials going on which include free shipping temporarily, and a 2 CD offer ("Sweet Devotion" and "Pilgrim Song") for $25, shipping included.  Oh, for all of you who like to "try before you buy," please check out the audio clips online.  Additionally, "Sweet Devotion" is available via several channels.  They are:  Barrington Books in Barrington Center, and Morningstar Bookstore in Seekonk (soon), MA, and CDbaby online(soon). 

Those of you who have purchased my previous works, thanks so much.  Profits from "Pilgrim Song" (released 2001) to date amount to approximately $1800, which have been passed on to the 911 American Families Assistance Fund via World Vision.   Additionally 100 CDs were donated to the NY Fire Department in early 2002.  "For the Rest of Your Life" (1994) totaled over $1500 in profit passed on to Children's Shelter of Cebu.  We appreciate your help with these efforts.

NOW, for a little fun!  We would like to give away 1 free "Sweet Devotion" CD every day from December 1st to December 20th--up to 20 winners possible.  Here's all you have to do:      1--Click on the link below my name to go to my website.      2--Once there, follow the links for the "Sweet Devotion" CD page (browse or purchase as you feel inclined while on your way!).      3--Scroll down to the "Sweet Devotion" song titles on CD 1--"Heart."  Count how many underlined song titles of the 11 total songs there are (underlined indicates mp3 audio sample link)--remember the number underlined.       4--Before you leave, be sure and sign my GUESTBOOK, say "hello," tell me if you like the website, music, or whatever.  At or about Midnight of each day I will take any/all "Guestbook" entries for that day, draw 1 and that will be the winner of the day (of course, you will need to be able to tell me how many songs were underlined on CD 1!).  The winner will be notified the next day, and will be mailed a free CD shortly after that.  Well, we'll see what happens, and if anyone read this far.  You could even try more than once.  However, only 1 free CD per email address/mailing address.  Good luck!

Thank you so much for supporting my music and these marvelous ministries.  May "Sweet Devotion" be a blessing to all.

Blessings to all,  Ken