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Sweet Devotion

"Ken Totushek's album, Sweet Devotion, is a collection of acoustic guitar arrangements of hymns and spirituals as well as two originals by the artist. However, before you think this is "religious" music, please take the word of an agnostic music reviewer (a lapsed Catholic if you want to know the truth). These really are sublime and soul-warming instrumentals (there is no singing on this CD, although I think there is a vocal version of this album available). You'd have to have a heart of stone to not be comforted by Totushek's gentle and soothing way with these songs, as they gently unfurl with patience and unabashed open-hearted love..."  full review... By Bill Binkelman    Wind and Wire, April 2005


"...Ken Totushek's CD, Pilgrim Song, is a most pleasant and enjoyable way to spend seventy minutes. The songs on this album unwind at a leisurely pace, yet are also varied in emotional impact, musical approach and tempo; the "leisurely pace" is more indicative of a mellow vibe that seems to run through the recording..." full review... By Bill Binkelman    Wind and Wire, May 2002

"Thanks for sending me "Pilgrim Song." I received it yesterday and listened to it all the way through. It's on as I write. Your music is beautifully performed and has a lot of depth. It's definitely an album to take the "ic" out of "Hect-ic" during these busy holidays. Encore!..."        --Bill Boykan  Business Affairs,  NorthSound Music Group

"...Let me tell you folks, this CD is a must have for any collection. I found myself soaring with eagles and sitting at the bank of the pond in Maine listening to the loons. The many guitars are well produced and well Played. I fell in love with track 5 and track 13 but you must listen to the Entire CD to find your favorites." --Steve Foust, Sonic Shores Studio, Stillwater, OK

" Ken has done a great job of songwriting, tasteful guitar playing and capturing the fine tones of some very nice guitars on this recording. Super easy listening and background music." --Stu Bowen, RimRidge Music, Laurel Springs, NC

"Man, this is a well recorded cd! It is acoustic guitar heaven. This is a cd full of rich acoustic guitar tone. There's almost nothing but picked and fingerpicked fine wood guitars on the cd. In the insert, Ken lists what guitar was used on each track. Very cool!...It worked it's magic on me..." --Doug Czajkowski, Clayton, CA

"I love the beautiful music from Ken's acoustic recordings! As a guitar player myself, I hope to listen and learn." --Ken Jones, Homerville, GA

"I just ordered 5 CD's from your website - pretty slick. The CD is Great!! The music is very addicting - can't tell you how many times I've already listened to it from start to finish." --Pete T. Buffalo, MN

"...Ken's music is melodic and uplifting, but never boring. That, is not an easy task.  He has a unique style and presentation that is warm and cozy....Very tasteful ideas and execution.  Twilight Serenade is a very, very pretty tune.  This track alone is worth buying the CD."  --Larry Rott, VSBiiglist

For The Rest of Your Life

"In 'For The Rest Of Your Life' Ken displays his love for his Creator with an inspirational style of Christian music. The light sounds and soft rock will have you singing and dancing...you'll love it." (Robin F.)

"Ken's intimate, many sided collection of songs rises from a mind and heart tuned to the indelible melody of the spirit. Here music is praise, and praise is music. Listening, you will find ideas stoked, emotions revealed, and faithpersisting through the everyday.  Not to mention a dance or two along the way." (Karen D.)

"Ken's music has blessed our whole family. My kids enjoyed it so much that they had to take turns listening to it each night so they wouldn't argue over it. I can tell that by listening to Ken's music that Ken puts his whole heart and soul into it" (John R.)

"Ken's eclectic mix of tunes alternatively soothes and challenges; his lyrics speak hope in the love and faithfulness of God." (Duenna K.)

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