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Would Jesus Use The Internet?                  ©2006 Ken Totushek

 Would Jesus use the internet if he were here today

Would He gaze upon the LCD while people went astray

Would He “shotgun” out for all to see

      His message of love and unity

The wonders of technology, just think how it would be…

      Just think how it could be!


JesusChrist@Myspace now—imagine the profiles He could “wow”

The insights and delivery, His page right there for all to see

His "IM" Chat among the best

      Inviting all to know His rest

Wouldn’t I run to be His guest…

      Struggling to survive life’s tests…would I?


Somehow deep down I just don’t find

That the Lord of Life would have the time

To interact with best machine

      While young and old are suffering

From the beginning Jesus knew

       a living touch alone was true

      And that I believe he would do…yes that I know He’d do


He’d surround himself with broken men

And pour himself right into them

2 x 2, 4 x 4, 8 x 8... then 16 more!

Oh, He might check His email, only if it’d aid His plans

      For rubbing shoulders, spending time, and changing hearts of men

      He’d change the hearts of men.


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