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5/18/02    reviews "Pilgrim Song" CD by Ken Totushek   "Featuring the artist playing an assortment of acoustic guitars, as well as percussion, drums, bass and mandolin (and on one cut, synth strings), Ken Totushek's CD, Pilgrim Song, is a most pleasant and enjoyable way to spend seventy minutes..."full review here... by Bill Binkelman

12/13/01    article regarding Ken and his new CD, Pilgrim Song   "Guitarist releases CD for Sept. 11 victims"  By Ted Hayes

12/19/01    Providence Journal artist website site on Ken, his music and new CD, Pilgrim Song

1-3-02    Providence Journal write-up in  "Band Spotlight" on Ken Totushek and new CD, Pilgrim Song   "Every guitar tells a story"  BY VAUGHN WATSON Journal Pop Music Writer

 The purpose of the American Families Assistance Fund details, established as a result of the 9/11/01 attack on our country  (Excerpt below from World Vision's Website link)

1. To provide memorial/funeral assistance

2. To provide emergency life needs -- many people are without places to stay, need food, clothing, and other basic necessities

3. To help with financial hardship -- thousands of jobs were lost and people will have difficulty paying their bills

4. To provide grief/trauma counseling -- we want to help pay for the training and deployment of grief counseling in the churches




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