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Hey, thanks for stopping by!  Along with audio engineering and producing, I have been writing songs ever since I can remember. I began playing guitar as a child, and have plucked away at it off and on at varying levels of intensity ever since.

In recent years, in addition to developing my project recording studio I have been focused studying acoustic guitars--differing brands, different woods utilized in construction, and the incredibly diverse range in tonality based on these and other variables such as age.  My craze has been arranging and composing music and songs while experimenting with various acoustic guitars of our day, as well as studying old prewar models.

My latest CD, "For the Rest of Your Life, and Beyond"  is now available via the link below. Please check it out! 


Here's my "Pilgrim Song" Free CD offer in conjunction with giving to World Vision to help South Asia Tsunami devastation--click HERE.   Please help us help others.

I have a "From the Woodshed" page for my "recent"  mp3 downloadable works, as well as a "Schedule Page" .   For acoustic guitarists, check out my "Guitar tonewoods page," and Ken's  guitar reviews.  I usually have some great guitars for sale also.  Oh, and here's a link to my somewhat controversial Bungee geetar jump adventure! direct from New Zealand!.  

My music, and that of others I have recorded at Graceworks is Here.  

Oh, and I am on Myspace and Facebook--come say hello!

 Who is Graceworks?



Graceworks Recording is my cozy, pro-quality 24 track digital project recording studio.  It has served in recent years to record and produce my own music as well as that of local musicians. It has also provided live recording,  mixdown and mastering for the Barrington Baptist Church, which we have been members of since 1979.


Be sure and check out my webstore, Graceworks Music at 

  is my Indie label, and is comprised of several Graceworks entities: Graceworks Recording, Graceworks Audio Lab, and most recently

I hope you enjoy my site, the links, and the music.  Thank you for stopping in, and please come by and visit again.  Click here for more Soundbyte samples from CDs recorded at Graceworks.

Blessings to you,




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